SD Association


2019 SD Express

        The SDA held a【SPRING GENERAL ASSEMBLY MEETING】in Shanghai on April 12th to further explain the latest information, related SD7.1 and micro SD Express technologies and property rights.

SD Association

        The event was divided into the following four themes:
        1:Introduction of the SDA and Overview of the current Storage Market.
        2:The latest technical description of SD7.1 and the main points for attention.
        3:Future application trend of the Flash chips(Smart home, wearable devices, car networking, security monitoring systems, etc)
        4:Industrial storage market and application of consumer electronics storage market
        5:SDA logo certification specification and compatibility problem analysis

        Mr. Ivan Chen, the general manager of our company, Mr. Nakamura and Mr. Honjo were invited to participate. Mr. Chen was appointed as the chairman of the South China Region of the SDA in China.